Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hitting the Links; 9/9/10

The links are back.  That should do for an intro.   Let's get after it.

1. Sidney Taking BP.

Sticking with the theme of hockey/baseball crossover from last week, here is a clip of Sidney Crosby taking batting practice at PNC park.  Two words: Yard. Work.  This is a shot.  (For what it's worth, this got spread around pretty well in the day or so since it went up.  I was hoping I could be one of the first, but thats what I get for waiting.  Oh well.)

2. Puck Daddy- Header Goal

I joked here that Louie Ericksson had pulled off a nice header to send the game into overtime.  This kid makes him look bad.

3. Pierre McGuire Drinking Game

For readers over 21 years of age, or 19 in Canada only: With the hockey season coming up, you are probably asking yourself, 'how can I drink way more than is healthy, in a game like manner, while I am watching TSN or NBC?'  As with most questions, the answer is on Facebook.

4. Brad Miller Time

From the 'my new favorite thing in the world' file, this is a show put together by a couple of guys on the North Dakota hockey team, and it is hilarious.  The linked episode contains Matt Greene of the Los Angeles Kings, and is probably the highlight, but if you have some time to kill, all of the episodes are worth the 8-10 minutes they take to watch.  A complete list is available here.

5. Jordan / Gretzky story

I am with Katie Baker in fearing for The Great One's health.  A crazy story.

6. ESPN Tribute

Moving away from hockey now. via Deadspin, here is a collection of outtakes, tributes and 'This is Sportscenter' commercials as a tribute for ESPN's 31st birthday.

7. Peter King's Season Preview

King is probably the best writer/reporter combo working the NFL right now.  After Hard Knocks, his columns are probably about as 'insider' as you can get.

8. Highlights from Monday Night

If you aren't interested in Boise State Football, you can probably stop reading right now.  This is a playlist of videos from one of the best football games I have seen in a while on Monday night (a column on the subject is in the works, and, admittedly, overdue).

(The first video is the game winning drive, shot from the stands, the second is a shot of the outstanding FedEx Field crowd, the third the actual game highlights, and the last one is the video of the Broncos taking the field in Boise, which has nothing to do with the Virginia Tech game, but is freaking badass.)

9. Heisman Watch- SI

Oh, look who is number one!  Moore didn;t actually have an outstanding game against Tech, but the last drive turned heads.  Hopefully he will stay in the race now that the Broncos will move out of the spotlight for a few weeks.

10. Deadspin on Boise

Finally, debbie downer chimes in, telling people like me to shut up about our little win, and laments the fact that this is our only test.  Unfortunately he does a good job of it and raises some good points.  Oh well.  I'm still fired up.


Bonus. A Small Tribute

I don't want to get overly preachy, heavy or sentimental, but Saturday is the 9th anniversary of 9/11, and it is worth taking a few minutes to remember and appreciate the sacrifices made and the efforts given to our country on that day.
(And to celebrate patriotism, which is what we should feel on these anniversaries, in my opinion, and just to make sure people don't accidentally start taking me seriously, here is a list of America based videos one of which comes from a movie with puppets.)

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