Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hitting the Links; 9/2/10

Since the posting on here has been embarrassingly infrequent, I am going to try to start up a number of running features to get myself going with the blog. The first one I will try to make a weekly thing, and it couldn't be simpler. Here are 10 links I have enjoyed, found funny, found interesting, or just want to share. Let's do this every Thursday, no?

Did you know that Washington Nationals' centerfielder and noted crazy person Nyjer Morgan was actually a pretty good hockey player, who even played part of a season in major junior (proof here). That is the kind of information I'm here for.
This is topical, obviously, because Morgan added to that profile last night. Ironically, it was the second line brawl of his career, as the Skolney fight is listed as taking place at the same time as four others.

God. I. Love. Hulu.
With a pretty solid arsenal of classic games (although it could definitely afford to be expanded), and an outstanding lineup of games from the last few years, is actually a fairly underrated website for hockey fandom.
As for that particular game, New Yorkers will remember it fondly, but I love it for a couple of reasons. First of all, the early 90s/late80s might be my favorite era to watch, with the possible exception of the current one. The main reason for this, I think, is because I get to see guys I remember as old and a bit stiff, and see what they looked like. It is like seeing new players, except they are guys I know already. Messier from this game is a great example. He is flying, and was clearly a great player, except when I saw that I was surprised. I only knew him as the guy who was old and slow, playing for the Rangers in the 2000s. Turns out he was good, who knew?
The second reason this game is worth it is the pure level of talent here. Bure. Messier. Anderson. Leetch. There are HOFers everywhere. Brian Leetch, though, is the star. He is in every rush, but never gets beat in his own end. There is no one in the league like him now, and that is at a time when the young defensemen have rarely been better.

Probably only interesting to you if you play hockey, but hey, I play hockey, so it was interesting to me. That's all I got.

This KILLED me. The one in front is Dale Mitchell, in back is Andrew Engelange, both are Leafs prospects.

It is always hockey season in my mind, but today is really about the kickoff of College Football, so here are a few links to get you ready for that.
Speaking of having killed me, here is Deadspin writer/comedic genius Drew Magery's take on my home state, from the linked article:

"3. Boise State: America's Sweethearts, my ass. I'll be damned if I'm cheering from some dipshit team from the middle of Idaho. Let me ask you something: If everyone in Idaho died tomorrow, would you care? I mean, just DIED. A virus sweeps across the state and wipes out every last man, woman, and baby. Every Idahoan, dead in a puddle of their own shit and liquefied organs. Would you really give a crap? I say no. Oh, I'd turn on the news and say, "Oh, shit! All the Idaho people are dead. That sucks." Then I'd turn off the TV and eat a box of Teddy Grahams. I'd pretend to care in my mind, so that I wouldn't feel like the really shitty person that I am. But deep down? I wouldn't care. I wouldn't even care if I had relatives living there. If they were living in Idaho, they were probably relatives of mine that were all fucking weird and creepy and lived in a compound. Or they were insufferable outdoorsy assholes. Or they were rich fuckers who skied. Either way, Idaho is pointless."

As a''rich fucker who skis,' I agree. The whole thing is that funny.

More College Football from Deadspin, although this one is actually from Sports Illustrated, via Deadspin. It's a good read, and should get you ready for the CFB season.

My personal vote for the 'greatest game ever played. Bring it Hokies. (Also, could someone explain to me what the hell a Hokie is?)
In case that didn't get you fired up enough (yeah right), here are a few more to get you amped for Monday Night.

I had to include at least one BS Report in the inaugural links list, but none of this week's stuck out. This one is from about a month ago, but I really enjoyed it. Here is part 2.

Dear YouTube, please stop shutting down his accounts. I recommend any of the Heatley stuff (Joe the ventriloquist is good).

Again, Hulu...what can you say. This time, it is what has to be my favorite show at the moment (and not by a little bit either). Hulu's only got episodes through the 2008 season, but it holds up well enough to be entertaining.

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