Friday, October 1, 2010

Hitting the Links; 10/1/10

I haven’t done links in three weeks, having been hit pretty hard by something that I believe the scientific term for is clusterfuckshitstorm (previous word NSFW if you happen to be reading this aloud in the workplace, which you should be, although this little digression is more to call attention to the fact that I am once again swearing in my posts after almost three years of trying to keep it clean, because if you are reading out loud, which, once again, you should be, you already said clusterfuckshitstorm.  And now you said it again) of stuff that I actually get paid for.  Or graded on.  Or gives me a place to live.  Or else that I just care about more than this.  Sorry.  Anyways, since it turns out that doing homework is really, really boring, here are 10 that I enjoyed over the past (three) week(s).

Recently I was told that I was going to have the opportunity to become the next Mark Titus.  I was ecstatic, and immediately started watching extensive game tape on Mark Madson, Brian Scalabrine and Titus himself.  I practices the enthusiastic towel wave, the awkward white guy half hug, even the classic intense stare at the court with the towel around the shoulders.  Truth be told, I have warn nothing but jogging pants and a windbreaker for the past week, because I took that comment to mean that I was being transferred from the Santa Clara Hockey team to the Santa Clara basketball team to be the token overenthusiastic white guy who never plays.  Turns out they actually meant that they wanted me to do a player blog on the Santa Clara hockey website, so now I have a bunch of useless knowledge about 5 step handshakes and standing behind the starters during timeouts, and another writing obligation that I don’t get paid for.  Oh well.
Even though none of that actually happened, I am doing the blog for, and while the subject matter will be different, I assure you it will be just as juvenile, irrelevant and hacky as this website, so please, check it out.

2. Fire Joe Morgan Reunion

If you know me, and are my friend (the real kind, on facebook), then you probably saw this posted with the label ‘Read Deadspin today.  Do it.  Thank me later.’  Anyways, if you aren’t, or if you ignored me last week, read this now and, again, thank me later. 

This is pertinent to almost nothing, except that I just finished reading Chuck Klosterman’s Eating the Dinosaur, in which he refers to this song (or at least mentions that it has been referred to) as ‘(Cobain’s) real suicide note).  True or not, it certainly makes the song, which is good, but fairly boring, a little bit more interesting, and gives it another level.

Funny dude, died yesterday…damn.

5. This Week in the  Youthsoccerization of America (Part 1Part 2)

Here are quite possibly the two best High School football touchdowns that you will see all year.  Neither of them counted, because the people running every level of amateur sports with the exception of junior hockey and maybe summer league baseball are idiots.  And pansies.  As is clear from the title above, I blame soccer. 

The next best thing, now that FJM is gone.  It is probably the easiest place to go for good, humorous sports writing that focuses mainly on making fun of stuff. 

As I made clear last week, betting is awesome.  Naturally, I don’t need anything to make me interested in the NHL season, but this doesn’t hurt, either. 

For Sharks fans, mostly, Big Joe sat down with Greg Wyshynski this past week.  He was pretty interesting, although much of that credit goes to Wyshynski for leading him on.  Either way, a good read for Sharks fans.

I have nothing to add.  Just look at the pictures.

Unfortunately, because the aforementioned storm of non-BS related activities, I am going to have to cut it short this week.  I’m already a day late.  Column coming tomorrow morning afternoon.  

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