Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Quick Prediction

Arizona could win the Super Bowl.  Usually I try to refrain from one paragraph blog posts but I have to put this one up here.  As I type this, Arizona, who no one has given a chance since about week 11 is up 14-7 with Carolina in a game most predicted would be a blowout, they are doing it without Anquan Boldin and I’m coming to realize that everyone may have been wrong about them.  The reasons are pretty simple, they have an experienced quarterback, their running game is coming on at the right time, and they don’t have any glaring holes provided they are in warmish weather.  If they win tonight, they will have to win at most one cold weather game (maybe none), and while it may not be exceedingly likely, stranger things have certainly happened.  So sorry for the short post, but I just wanted to get this one on the record.  Sure, they could fall apart and lose this game 35-14, it is still early, but it is time to give this team a chance.

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