Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Introducing The OV Sports Hall of Fame

Ladies and Gentlemen, after much deliberation (not really), we here at OV Sports (ok, it's just me...) are launching page 2 of obstructed view sports.  Worry not, you will still get the sporadic and irrelevent ramblings you have grown accustomed to seeing at ovsports.blogspot.com, but luckily for you, the OV Sports empire has just doubled in size.  
Later this evening, we will be launching the OV Sports YouTube Hall of Fame.  While this needs a much better name, I am a busy student athelete at a prestigious university, so I don't have time (please spare me the comments contending that the mere existence of this page happes to prove the preceeding sentance wrong).  The plan for this blog is to post the best youtube clips that I come across.  It is pretty simple.  This will probably be updated more often than the main OV Sports page, simply because it is simpler to embed a youtube video on a webpage (it consists of hitting ctrl+c and ctrl+v, pretty advanced programing jargin, forgive me) than to write a thousand words in elequent prose matched only by Shaq and Miss Teen South Carolina.  
Anyways, that URL is ovsports2.blogspot.com (I will post this on the side of this blog), enjoy.

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