Saturday, February 23, 2008

OV Sports 2008 Way-to-Short MLB Preview

Sure, you could pour over rosters, stats and scouting reports to get ready for the 2008 MLB Season. Sure, you could look for previews with previews with fancy extremities like “graphics,” “player profiles” and “actual research,” but it probably won’t get you any more prepared for the 2008 season than my makeshift 2008 season preview. Or maybe not. Either way, here it is, featuring all of the insight and analysis that I can think of off of the top of my head while sitting in class.


1. Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox are coming off of their first division title in 11 years, and there is no reason to believe that they can’t do it again, maybe even take a third championship in 5 years. You know, other than 110 years of history. They didn’t pull the trigger on any major deals, but the Red Sox kept their core together. Plus they added Sean Casey, who may not help the Red Sox much on the field, but the notorious nice guy will give Manny someone to go to soup kitchens with, although Casey will probably go to work.

2. New York Yankees

What a splash! The Yankees signed the biggest free agent of the offseason. Adding A-Rod to this lineup will make them an instant contender. Plus you have to consider shedding one of the most successful managers in baseball addition by subtraction. I guess 9 consecutive division titles just don’t get it done anymore. In other Yankee news, the Yankees are going to have Jaba Chamberlain start the season in the bullpen, but will look to move him to the rotation, because clearly it doesn’t make sense to keep him in one role for the entire season.

3. Tampa Bay Rays

In all seriousness, this team has built up an arsenal of prospects over the years. I think that this will be the year that they finally make the jump to contender. There is way too much talent on this roster for them not to become a winning team in the next few years. Although giving up Delmon Young may have been difficult (or maybe not considering his unpopularity and discipline issues), but adding Matt Garza to Jamie Shields and Scott Kazmir gives the Rays something they have never had before, a solid pitching staff. In any other division, the Rays have the talent to contend for the division title. More importantly, as Barry Bonds has shown us by pointing to the sky after HRs, God cares deeply about baseball. The Rays dropped the “Devil” from their names and renounced their satanic allegiance. Look for the omnipotent creator of the universe to reward the Rays with solid middle relief and consistent two out hitting.

4. Toronto Blue Jays

I refuse to recognize the Troy Glaus- Scott Rolen trade on the grounds that they are the exact same player. My question for JP Ricciardi is this; why bother? (Apparently it was to remind people that there is still a baseball team in Canada.) BJ Ryan is hoping to be ready in time for opening day. This is great news for the blue birds. Ryan will be great for their bullpen until he goes back on the DL in mid-June.

5. Baltimore Orioles

Any time you have the opportunity to trade a genuine ace, a legitimate Cy Young candidate who could lead the league in Ks for an unproven outfield prospect with a career .230 major league batting average, that’s a move that you have to make. Kudos though to the Orioles front office for dumping Miguel Tejada on the Astros the day before the Mitchell Report.

....Tomorrow, the AL Central

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