Friday, February 8, 2008

Insert Glowing Reflection Here

January 18, 2008- With the second to last season of our Kent careers in full swing, a lot of seniors are probably looking back on their times competing for Kent and trying to figure out what it has meant to them to don the blue and gray. Okay, maybe there are more pressing things that seniors are thinking about, like when that acceptance letter will finally come if you aren’t into college, or exactly how little work you can do without failing out if you are already in, but when I was asked to write a column about Kent sports, I started thinking about it. Surprisingly enough, even after playing on twelve different teams in four and a half years at Kent, I found it difficult to articulate my experience. Since I don’t want my classmates to have the same problem I had (and because I would like to think that I was able to contribute something to the class of ’08), I came up with this. So if anyone ever asks you what you think about Kent sports (or asks you to write a column about them), you can just pick the options that apply to you.

My Time at Kent

By Senior O’Eight

Wow, I can’t believe that it is almost over. (One, Two, Three, Four, Five) years just (flew, dragged) by. I (tried, didn’t try) a lot of new things while I was at Kent, but one thing really stuck out. I will never forget my time as a part of the (football, soccer, crew, hockey, lacrosse, baseball, basketball) program. That team really (came together, couldn’t stand each other, could have used a couple of PGs). We (won, lost, showed up late for) a lot of games, but we always (found ways we could improve, worked hard, got to go to McDonalds after away games). The most memorable part had to be that game against (TP, Hotchkiss, Loomis, Kent Center School), when we (won, lost) and I (played the game of my life, saw my teammates at their best, realized I needed to find a new sport). Then there was that coach I will never forget, (Mr./Mrs.) (insert name). What a (great mentor, jerk)! Deep down I always (loved, hated) the game, but they brought it out of me. That one time that they (sent me in, took me out) I truly believed that (I could succeed, any moron who had ever watched a game on TV could do a better job than them). I think the smartest thing that they said that year was “(to know yourself is to play without fear, the only ones who can beat us are ourselves, I don’t care if win, I still get paid). Of course, it wasn’t all perfect. There was that one team I was cut from. I wasn’t that upset though, I knew that (Varsity Hockey, First Boat, Father Vorhees’s Club Soccer team) is very competitive. It actually was a blessing in disguise, because after I got cut I (was even more motivated and became a better player, had fun playing where I was, quit and used the extra time I had to beat Knights of Cydonia on Expert)

(Go, Go to hell) Kent!

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