Sunday, February 27, 2011

Return of the Links

For your procrastinating pleasure, here are ten links that every hockey fan should have bookmarked.  With finals coming up across the country (okay, just at schools like Santa Clara with nonsensical quarter systems), they should come in handy.

1. JLaxHockey (YouTube Channel)
I have no Idea who JLax is, nor do I care.  What I do know, though, is that the man makes a damn fine hockey montage.  Now, the last one, and consequently the one that is going to come up if you go to the link, is Corey Perry.  I would like it to be perfectly clear that I do not endorse or approve of any thing Corey Perry related, but the channel is well worth while despite this recent contamination.  If you like hockey, alt music, and awesome stuff in general, then check out JLax and you won't be disappointed.

2. NHLPA Twitter List
If you still think Twitter is a useless medium for dumb people to tell their friends that they are gettin lunch wit da homegirls lol #YUMMY!, and therefore refuse to take part, it is pretty much your loss at this point.  Personally, I  find it entirely worth my time to know that Devin Setoguchi is bored by the Oscars, or to read Logan Couture tweet Drake lyrics.  Also, #hashtagjokesarethebest.  Seriously, though.  I have started to use them in texts.  They are that entertaining.

3. Biz Nasty (Paul Bissonnette) on Twitter
Yes, he is a fourth line duster for a pacific division rival.  Yes, he is included in the NHLPA list.  But Biz Nasty is awesome.  Also, he is awesome.  Thirdly, he is awesome, and finally, he is awesome.  So he deserves his own link here.  And that is exactly what he is going to get.  Follow him.  Now.  Do it.  You won't regret it.
(Also, according to Google, the ultimate authority on everything, there are 6902682589 people in the world.  According to Twitter, Biz has 49,332 followers.  That means that there are 6902633257 people that don't follow him.  Pathetic, world.)

4. Trade Trackers (ESPN, YAHOO, NHL)
This time of year (for the next day, anyways), it is critical to have a page that you can constantly hit refresh on hoping that maybe, just maybe, this will be the time that the Sharks traded Wallin and Nichol for Brad Richards, or Keith Yandle, Brayden Schenn, or a 3rd rounder, or a $50 Southwest Airlines voucher, or a used puck bag, or the right to not have Scott Nichol and Nick Wallin anymore.

5. Coach's Corner
Don Cherry is the very definition of a beaut.  The guy has something interesting to say every week, and as crazy as he may be (or seem, at any rate) he is spot on more often than not.  There isn't a guy in hockey, or any other sport for that matter, that does a better job of picking out nuances that will, at the very least, get you to think about the game, and start discussion as well.

That's all for now.  Enjoy the chaos that will surely ensue with the deadline.

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