Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have a bunch of notes to get out there, and I don't want to bury the column going up later today, so I'll just throw all of them out there right now. First off, I need to address the NHL Playoffs and my declaration that I was picking up a new team. First of all, the response was a bit underwhelming. 10 people voted and 3 people sent me messages. In the end, the Caps won, but not by a convincing margin. Because of the lack of volume in the response, I decided to go with my gut, and adopt the Vancouver Canucks. Three days later, and before I finished my column explaining the decision, the Canucks were eliminated.

With that, I'm out. I'm chalking up the playoffs as a complete failure, and watching without emotion for the rest of the year. Sorry.

Next on the docket is my playoff picks column. You may have noticed that the round 2 picks never went up. To all of you degenerate gamblers who rely on my picks (yeah right), I am sorry. I am going to start a conference finals picks column as soon as the Game 7s go final tonight. I do want to go on record with my round 2 picks (I don't think you will have trouble believing their honesty once you see them)

I had:

Vancouver in 6

Detroit in 5

Boston in 6

Washington in 7

(clearly I didn't cheat that...)

Third thing to get out there, I am now officially writing for the Santa Clara, having had my first piece published today.  What I am doing there is reporting, and as such it bears little resemblance to this blog.  I really don't think that what I'm doing there is all that interesting, and unless i write something that I feel like I absolutely need to post, I probably won't post any of my work here.  Having said that, if you know me, or just want to see more of my writing, you're more than welcome to check it out.  It will all be posted on (click on "sports").  If you are asking "but will this make it so that you can't update this page as often as you do?"  I will assume that you are being sarcastic and chuckle while being inwardly insulted.

Finally, there ore gonna be a bunch of things jumping up here, fear not.  I have a topical column that was supposed to be kind of a quick reactionary sort of thing, but exploded into almost 2500 words (I actually cut it down a bit), and that will be up in the next day or so.  After that, like I said I will have an NHL Picks column once the games are done, so in the next few days.  As for next week, hopefully I will have something to say about my upcoming weekend (although I don't want to step on the toes of that one), and I am working on a monster Sharks look out for all of that.

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