Monday, March 2, 2009

Quick Update

A few notes here very quickly 
First of all, after reading's NHL rumor mill, I want to add one more trade to my wish list.

Michael Nylander (3 years- 4.8 M)
3rd Round Draft Pick
John Carlson (D-USHL)

Niklas Backstrom (1 year, 3.1 M)
Kurtis Foster (1 year, 1.025 M)

I'm going to be honest, this one is pretty selfish.  I just want to see Niklas Backstrom on the same team as Nicklas Backstrom.  At any rate, that was rumored this morning, so I couldn't resist adding it to the list.  I figured while I was hear, I would make it work for both teams (it is what I do), and the Caps are looking to dump Nylander anyways.  This keeps both of the teams under the cap, and the pick and prospect are thrown in to make the deal appealing for Minnesota, who certainly gives up more in Backstrom than they would get in Nylander alone.  Carlson was a first rounder though for the Caps (who have a deep system and can afford to move some prospects), and probably pushes this over the top, as Backstrom could leave after this year.
God I'm good at this.

A couple of other quick notes
- I will get back to the Olympic stuff soon enough, I just wanted to get the deadline thing in before it became too late (Wednesday at noon, not Tuesday as I wrote yesterday)....please give it a look, I really think it is some of my better work.
- It may be a few more days until I get to the Olympic stuff...don't blame me, blame my professors for giving me 3 essays and 2 tests this week, sorry

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