Friday, November 14, 2008


Sorry for the hiatus.  Starting college and being thrown into the hockey season hasn't left me with much time to update this site.  I did write most of an NHL preview, but never found time to finish it, so I am going to hold off posting it until mid season, when hopefully I will find time to either obnoxiously brag about my nostrodomus-esque prediction ability or complain about how my sleepers are underperforming and making me look like an idiot.  
In the mean time, in order to keep this blog moving, I'm going to be posting shorter, more topical posts a few times a week (or hopefully more).  While it will be a bit of a departure from the less topical colums that usually grace this space, I feel like it is a better use of the half hours that I am able to find where I feel like writing than trying to string columns together over a few days, which usually results in me quitting on them for one reason or another.

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