Friday, April 18, 2008

YT Clip of the Week 1: Sharks Comeback

As I mentioned, I am going to start some weekly segments, and for Friday, I am going to do a YouTube clip of the week.
This first one is an awesome clip of the two goals making up the comeback in game 4 that kept the Sharks alive. This is worth watching just for Hahn's call on Thornton's game winner, which actually garnered some regional media attention itself. No one can say that Hahn doesn't care about this team, and it is great to have an announcer who feels like a fan.
As for the video itself, first of all if your a Sharks fan and this doesn't pump you up, you need to make sure you still have a pulse. I love Cheechoo's goal, off his back foot, falling away from the net, Cheechoo probably shot that puck 85-90 MPH. With no angle, either, what a shot. Thornton's is best for the celebration, the genuine mix of joy, excitement and relief from the players is great, and Hahn does a great job adding to it.
This is a must see for Sharks fans, but still entertaining if your not for Cheechoo's shot and Hahn's call.

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